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When Boston native John Paradise (yes, that's his real name) packed up his family and moved West 13 years ago, he had hopes of getting a foot in the door of the car business.  His wife had family in SoCal, so he figured he might as well sell cars in short sleeves rather than suffer the blistering chill of East Coast winters.  A serendipitous meeting on a baseball field gave him just the traction he needed to shape his vision.

That chance meeting was a conversation with Family Toyota's Marc Spizzirri.  Marc offered John a management position with his dealership and from that day forward a lasting bond and mentorship was formed.  John Paradise's five-year tenure at Family Toyota (the dealership was sold in 2007) helped him develop the business ethics and management style he brings to his own venture, Paradise Automotive Group.  

John applied Spizzirri's commitment to community and non-aggressive approach to selling cars and brought eight key players along from Family Toyota.  What started as a side business for John has become the fulfillment of his dream.

In April of this year, doors opened at Paradise Automotive Group in San Juan Capistrano with the help of landlord Scott Looney, who John Paradise credits for making it all come together at this location.  Paradise has positioned his business in the marketplace as a discount dealership and promises prices "as close to wholesale as possible."  His offer of affordable luxury is backed up by his impeccable reputation and his ability to consistently price vehicles lower than area franchise dealerships.  Customers come to the negotiating table armed with information and research, and John Paradise answers with transparency and extensive research of his own.  He estimates that 70% of his revenue is repeat and referral business, so John strives to get the right customer to the right car every time.  The high volume and quick turnover has supported his business model and led to early success for John Paradise and his crew and hundreds of happy drivers in Orange County.

John Paradise's "What can I do for you?" philosophy not only applies to his customers, it extends to the local community as well.  As a San Clemente resident, husband of a teacher, and father of two, he feels it's important to invest in the community's future.  John does that by way of area schools.  John Paradise and Paradise Automotive Group have donated cars, sponsored sports teams and tournaments, for Dana Hills, JSerra, and San Juan Hills schools, to name just a few.

Paradise Automotive Group

32592 Valle Rd., San Juan Capistrano, CA. 92675

John Paradise and Paradise Automotive Group

Paradise Automotive Service

Superior Service & Great Prices
by Heather Evans

I'm going to start by not saying anything, but instead direct you to this rave review:
"I never write reviews, ever, but my experience at Paradise Automotive Group was so good that I felt that need to let people know about them.  Easy.  Comfortable.  Friendly.  Honest.  Genuine.  Those are not words you would generally hear when describing a used car lot, but that was my experience with the staff - even the owner of Paradise Automotive GroupJohn Paradise.  Hands-down the best car transaction I have ever made." -Kyrsha, Oak Park, CA

Back in the day, trust was earned through knowing the business owners and your overall experience with them.  These days, it's all about what people are saying before trust can be earned, and the folks at Paradise Automotive Group certainly impress with their reputation.
Here's why.
It used to be that Paradise Automotive sold the best, gave the best deals, and of course- beat out all of the competition with their stellar customer service.  That was amazing enough.  Nowadays, they're becoming known for something else, and that's their service department.

John Joseph Paradise (sales-side owner) was meticulous in his search for the best mechanic to own and operate the service side ofParadise Automotive Group.  He found it in Teera Saivichit, former Master Tech of Family Toyota.  "I worked with Terra when I worked for Family Toyota years ago," said John.  "He had quite a name for himself, and was even selected by Toyota for a full sponsorship to Cypress College, a major accomplishment.  I had to have him running my service stating.  I told him he could own it entirely himself and build it anyway he liked.  That's how much I believe in him and his work.  For five years now, he's been operating our service department and we never tire of hearing customers tell us that their experiences with him and service are number one."

Their expansive, 18-bay service area is impressive.  Previously located in Mission Viejo, Paradise Automotive Service moved to San Juan Capistrano roughly 5 years ago, when the opportunity for expansion arose.  "We built this service station from scratch," says Teera.  "We were inspired by the concept that we wanted this to be a luxury service- a repair shop with class.  Getting your car repaired can be an irritating experience, so we created a space in which people can relax and hang out.  We have big screen televisions, leather couches, refreshments and an inviting vibe.  People enjoy it so much they come to visit even when they don't have a car in need of repairs!" he laughs.

When I asked him about his switch from Master Tech to becoming a business owner, Terra grew serious.  "It was hard to leave Family Toyota," he said.  "I worked there 14 years.  But when John Paradise offered me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own my own service shop and work alongside him, I couldn't let it pass me by.  There are too many mechanics willing to take your money and leave you with a car that still needs work.  When I set up my goals and expectations, the first thing I started with is fair labor.   I wanted to hire the best of the best and pay them accordingly.  But I also wanted to offer clients lower labor rates.  Many companies charge a lot more than us.  Some charge less, I'm sure.  But you are guaranteed our guys are happy to work here and take pride in what they do.  I'm also pleased to tell you that we have an in-house transmission specialist.  He's extremely talented."

And speaking of online, their positive Yelp Reviews tell you they're doing something right.  "That's the kind of positive business I had in mind," says John.  "Perfect synergy.  Me in sales and Teera in service.  I couldn't have found a better guy for the job."

Stop by Paradise Automotive and meet Teera and John in person.  Don't forget to congratulate Terra and Lindsey, they have a little one one the way.  "I'm so happy for these two," says John.  "Lindsey's a great girl, and she keeps us in check," he laughs.
"Absolutely stop by," Terra adds.  "We'll show you what superior service and great prices really mean at Paradise Automotive."

To connect with Terra, John Paradise and the Paradise Automotive Team, stop by the service department at    32592 Valle Rd in San Juan Capistrano, call (949) 347-2522 or visit www.jparadise.com 

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